The food and wines of the Republic of Georgia are well-loved across the former Soviet Union but little known outside of it. The Georgian Table strives to change that. Through this blog, local food and wine events, classes, recipe and menu development, the Georgian Table brings the flavors of Georgia to new audiences and connects those who are already in the know.

About the Author: Jenny HolmJenny Holm

I fell hard for Georgian food as a college student studying abroad in Russia, where dishes from the Caucasus region have long been embraced for their lively flavors and subtly exotic appeal. When a stray brochure promoting an all-expenses paid semester teaching English in Georgia showed up in my Washington, DC office five years later, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Within a few months, I was on a plane bound for Batumi, where I spent the next six months shadowing my host mother in the kitchen as she churned out hearty meat and vegetable stews, flaky cheese pies, and layer cakes heavy with honey. I’ve since returned several times, traveling around the country to collect regional recipes, learn traditional techniques, and meet the people who are preserving Georgian foodways and experimenting with them in creative, delicious ways.

My writing and recipes have appeared in The Washington Post, Gastronomica, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, CityLab, DCist, and other publications.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jenny

    I’m so happy to find out about your blog.
    I’m originally from Israel, but my parents are from Georgia.
    I would love to share with you more Georgian recipes such as Megruli Khachapuri (same cheese but the dough is closed and circled), Bulki (vanilla buns with raisins), Khalia (chicken and boiled eggs in Tamarind stew) and more.
    I’m currently live in Carrboro, NC, and my wife and I love to spread the Georgian cousin to our friends.

    Good luck
    And Gaumarjos!


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