Georgian Recipes:

Food Perestroika: Georgia: Recipes and blog posts about Georgia and other former Eastern bloc countries by chef Florian Pinel
Nami-Nami: Georgian recipes from an excellent Estonian food blog
Georgian Cook: Georgian recipes by home cook Dona Giorgadze
Georgian Recipes: A project of Georgia About
Menu: A Georgian Supra: Recipes for a Georgian Feast from Saveur
Georgian Journal: Recipes from Georgian media house Palitra Media

Georgian Wine:

Hvino Georgian Wine Catalog:  Online and mobile catalog featuring ratings and reviews of high-quality Georgian wines
Hvino News: Daily news and trend updates from the Georgian wine world
Marani: Guide to Georgian wine regions, appellations, producers, tasting notes, and more
Georgian Wine Association: Representing Georgian wines and winemakers nationally and internationally
Georgian Wine House: Importers of Georgian wines to the US, based in Washington, DC/Annapolis, MD
Potomac Wines and Spirits: Order Georgian wine online for shipping to most US states)

Georgian Food and Wine Tourism:

Taste Georgia: Wine and food adventures through the heart of the Caucasus
Living Roots: Journey to the land of wine, silk, and song

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